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Powered paragliding

You can fly like a bird and over the beautiful sea of Okinawa as high as 200 meters. You can see sea turtles in summer and whales in winter if you are lucky enough.Paragliding is very easy for beginners especially for kids and it's more cheaper than helicopter-ride. An air photography in DVD is given as a gift for those who booked from Coolokinwa Travel! (Note: The video is not shoot on the day.)

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Parasailing is one of the most popular activities in Okinawa. With the support of the professional staff, you can easily fly as high as 40 to 50 meters above sea level while enjoying the overlooking beautiful sea of Okinawa. We offer two places of departure point from Naha and Nago. So, wherever you are in Okinawa, you can't miss it in your travel plan. Come and experience Okinawa Parasailing journey !

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