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MarineKERAMA ISLAND Full Day Diving / Snorkeling trip

Kerama Islands is a group of minute islands known for its diving and snorkeling destination in Okinawa. There are more than 50 diving sites with various coral fish and unique seascape.The visibility is around 20 – 50 meters distance in average sea condition. We do have English-speaking instructors. Also, we do provide free pick-up service from different hotels within Naha City area only. Enrich your snorkeling or scuba-diving experience only at the marine park of Japan.

Every day
Entry qualifications
・Age Limit
- Snorkeling : 6 ~ 65 year old.
- Introductory diving : 10 ~ 60 year old.
・Before making a reservation, please refer to the link below regarding the participant's health checklist. If any of these questions apply YES to you, please inform us.If any of these questions apply YES to you, please inform us.Health Check List
2017/4/1 ~ 2018/3/31
Normal SeasonPeak Season (7/1~9/30)
SnorkelingAdults over 13 years oldJPY9,000 PPJPY9,500 PP
6-12 year old childrenJPY8,000 PPJPY8,500 PP
Introductory Diving1 diveJPY12,000 PPJPY12,500 PP
2 divesJPY17,500 PPJPY18,000 PP
3divesJPY21,500 PPJPY22,000 PP
※If you would like to join 2 dives or 3 dives,please note it in booking sheet.

2018/4/1 ~ 2019/3/31
Normal SeasonPeak Season (7/1~9/30)
SnorkelingAdults over 13 years oldJPY9,500 PPJPY10,000 PP
6-12 year old childrenJPY8,500 PPJPY9,000 PP
Introductory Diving1 diveJPY12,500 PPJPY13,000 PP
2 divesJPY18,000 PPJPY18,500 PP
3divesJPY22,000 PPJPY22,500 PP
※If you would like to join 2 dives or 3 dives,please note it in booking sheet.
Package includes
・Diving equipment rental
・Japanese Lunch Box
・Drinking water
・A towel rental for each one
・Hotel Transfer (round trip within Naha city area hotel only)
・Free parking place.
Meeting time
08:00 AM
Time duration
About 9 hours
・Please make sure you have more than 18 hours resting hour before your flight.
・Please put your swimsuit on ahead of time before going to the reception.
・Please bring extra clothes to change.
・Wearing of high heels is strongly prohibited to avoid accidents on the boat. Please use beach slippers instead.
・If you are worried about motion sickness, we highly suggest to eat something an hour before the departure. Better yet take a motion sickness pill 30 minutes before the departure.
・For those who request a transfer service, you will be notified of the pick up time the day before the tour. We will send you a fax message via the hotel front desk or send you an email directly.
・A vegetarian option is available for lunch. If you would like a vegetarian lunch, please make mention at the time of booking.
Cancellation Policy
Non Refundable Deposit Condition :
・If cancellation make less than 14 days from trip date.
・If the Captain of the boat or Instructor suspects this individual or group behavior could jeopardize other guest or overall safety measure or the guest under Recreation Drug or Alcohol influence.

Deposit Refundable Condition :
・The trip cancellation is made by the organizer due to dangerous weather/sea condition.

Non Refundable Condition :
・Full charge is imposed on the total cost of the trip if cancellation is made less than 24 hour notice from trip date.
・Full charge is imposed on the total cost of the trip if guest is unable to show up at the designated meeting location and time for any reason.
・Any medical or health conditions that are not disclosed to Cool Okinawa Travel when booking was made. Please refer to Health Check List for detail.
How to book
1. Click on BOOKING NOW, you will require to fill in your email address as your contact. Fill in all information as required and summit.

2. You will receive a PayPal payment request from SEASIR LTD. account, to secure your booking please make the payment within 3 days start from the day you receive payment request from our PayPal account, or within 24 hours if your booking request is less than 3 days from the departure date. All booking request will cancel if no deposit receive.

3. A booking confirmation noted will send to your email once payment received within 24 hours.
JPY5,000 PP

▸ To make a booking
Hotel transfer (Around 7:30~8:00)
08:30 – Guest registration and Equipment check
09:00 – Departure to Kerama Islands
10:00 – Snorkeling and Introductory diving
12:30 – Lunch
13:30 – Snorkeling or Optional 2nd Intro- dive
15:30 – Departure back to NAHA
17:00 – Transfer back to Hotel
Meeting Place MAP
Please use this phone number 098 869 6329 key in the Car Navigation system or use this
MAP CODEmc33 246 627*31 to locate our shop.
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