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Privacy Policy

SEASIR Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter “SEASIR”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal data and makes every effort to protect personal data according to the policy described below, which serves as the fundamental principles of the Cool Okinawa Travel website.

1. Introduction
This policy stipulates the terms by which personal information involved in the operation of the Cool Okinawa Travel website ( (hereinafter “this website”) by the SEASIR is handled. Business affairs are carried out in accordance with the SEASIR’s personal information protection rules, but the policy described here is limited to the handling of personal information connected with the operation of this website.
2. Legal Compliance
SEASIR complies with law regarding the protection of personal information (Act No. 57 of 2003) as well as related ordinances and the guidelines provided by related government ministries.
3. Acquisition of Personal Information
SEASIR acquires personal information in a legal and fair manner.
4. Purposes for Using Personal Information
SEASIR uses personal information only for the purpose for which it is collected, within the scope of what is reasonable relevant to that purpose, and only to the extent required for accomplishing business operations.
If SEASIR makes joint use of personal information with a specific party or entrusts the handling of personal information to an outside party, the necessary and proper supervision of the partner with whom the information is shared or the business client to whom the information is entrusted shall be carried out to ensure the proper use of personal information.
5. Notification and Disclosure of Usage Purposes
Whenever personal information is obtained or used, SEASIR shall notify that person make an announcement regarding the purpose for using the information, except in instances stipulated by law.
6. Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
SEASIR shall not share personal information with a third party without the prior consent of that person, except in instances stipulated by law.
当社及び受託旅行業者は、お申し込みの際に提出された申込書に記載された個人情報について、お客様との間の連絡、過去の取引状態の照合のために利用させていただくほか、当社は、お客様がお申込みいただいた旅行において運送・宿泊機関等(主要な運送・宿泊機関等については取引条件説明書(重要事項)に記載の日程表及び確定書面に記載されています。)の提供するサービスの手配及びそれらのサービスの受領のための手続きに必要な範囲内、又は当社の旅行契約上の責任、事故時の費用等を担保する保険の手続き上必要な範囲で、それら運送・宿泊機関・保険会社等に対し、お客様の氏名、パスポート番号及び、連絡先等を、あらかじめ電子的方法等で送付することによって提供いたします。お申込みいただく際には、これらの個人データの提供についてお客様に同意いただくものとします。このほか、当社では、旅行保険等旅行に必要な当社と提携する企業の商品やサービスのご案内、当社の商品やキャンペーンのご案内のために、お客様の個人情報を利用させていただくことがあります。 当社は旅行先でお客様のお買物等の便宜のため、当社の保有するお客様の個人データを土産物店に提供することがあります。この場合、お客様の氏名、パスポート番号及び搭乗される航空便名等の個人データを、あらかじめ電子的方法等で送信することによって土産物店に提供いたします。なお、これら土産物店への個人データの提供の停止を希望される場合は、下記のお問い合わせ窓口へ出発前にお申し出ください。
7. Management of Personal Data
SEASIR shall keep personal information accurate and up-to-date, shall manage it in a safe manner, and shall enact whatever security control measures are necessary and proper in order to protect personal information by preventing wrongful disclosure, loss, damage, alteration, and illicit access. SEASIR designates its President as the personal information custodian and conducts proper management of personal information.
8. Disclosure,
Correction, Usage Suspension, and Deletion of Personal Information SEASIR shall promptly respond to requests from a person to have their personal information disclosed, have it corrected, have usage suspended, or have it deleted, in accordance with the law.
9. Implementation of the Privacy Policy
In order to implement its privacy policy, SEASIR shall maintain consistently high standards by disseminating knowledge of the policy throughout SEASIR through training and education, and by continuously working to improve its implementation.
10. Contact Information Regarding Personal Information
Please apply to the following for all inquiries regarding personal information related to this website.
2-2-9 Minatomachi, Naha-City, Okinawa 900-0001
Tel: +81(0)98-941-2715
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