【Myplace民宿打工換宿】沖繩打工渡假!小幫手日記 ~



小幫手的工作是清掃房間、廁所及交誼廳,如果當天退房數量沒有很多,認真打掃的話會在表訂時間前完成,大約二至三小時,剩餘的時間都能自己運用。通常工作結束後,我會待在交誼廳使用筆電或是和來自不同國家的旅客聊天,每跟一個人互動,都能從他身上獲得新知識,因此我結交了許多朋友,偶爾也會和他們一起去附近的Pool bar、餐廳、居酒屋。
還有許多枝微末節的日常,都讓下個月即將離開沖繩的我開始留戀,像家的My Place、像家人的工作夥伴、像朋友們旅客,我會帶著這樣的記憶和情感,在我踏完整個日本之後,再次回到沖繩重溫。

“By Patty MyPlace四月小幫手”

Okinawa~ It’s been three weeks now and I haven’t completed my stay here yet I’m beginning to miss you now!
MyPlace guesthouse is my first stop for my working-holiday journey in Japan. Firstly, this guesthouse has a nice and warm common area equipped with a kitchen, two flatscreen TVs, and laptop computers available for everyone. The common area also has great lightings with tatami area and hammock where you can lie down and relax. Lastly, the location is accessible to almost everything like supermarkets, convenient stores, main road and more. The job description of a helper is mainly to clean rooms, toilet and the common area. It takes two to three hours to finish the work daily. You may hang out with the guests and visit some sports for the rest of the time. The weather is very nice here. It is usually sunny and I feel refreshed when i wake up every day. My colleagues and I share lots of things together with the guests like cooking, watching movies and the like. I am leaving Okinawa next month and MyPlace has given me so much happiness as well as unforgettable memories that I will keep this memory with me until I finish my whole journey in Japan. And hopefully I will get back to Okinawa very soon.

“Written by Patty, our working holiday staff in April, 2017.”

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