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哈囉 大家好,我是Elaine來自台灣。
在日本沖繩MyPlace Guest house工作已經兩年了。


MyPlace Elaine

Hi everyone! My name is Elaine originally from Taiwan.
I have been working at MyPlace Guesthouse in Naha City Okinawa Japan for 2 years now.
Okinawa is warm the whole year and it does not snow.
The average temperature is around 14-32℃.
The total population is about 1.42 million.
I feel so comfortable living in here.
There’s no heavy traffic.
With the crystal-clear sea water here, I can go scuba diving on my days off or go different places in Okinawa by car.
I really love this island!
And I work as a helper’s sitter. 
Every year, we have a number of helpers coming from around the world like Germany, UK, US, France, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and mostly from Taiwan.
There were more than 100 helpers came to MyPlace already!
Our manager Hiroshi and I hope to have a nice working experience only here at MyPlace guesthouse in Naha City Okinawa.
See you at MyPlace Okinawa!

MyPlace Elaine
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