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本網站旅遊資訊由Cool Okinawa Travel和Myplace Guest House所提供。
Information provided on this site is supplied by Cool Okinawa Travel and Myplace Guest House.

關於Cool Okinawa Travel


Cool Okinawa Travel is a local travel agency in Okinawa.Our plan activities are highly recommended with our experienced staffs.We are good at arranging special plan-activitiesand tour packages with the interests of the guests. We only desire to provide a hassle-free trip and vacation among Okinawa travelers and help them enjoy the fun yet safe activities on the island that they’ve never experienced before.

關於Myplace Guest House


MyPlace guest house opened on July 2015 in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan. Not only providing clean, cozy and comfortable dorms and rooms, we also created a wonderful common area for traveler to hang-out.With just few steps, there is ferry terminal “Tomari”, where you can take boats to Okinawa famous Kerama-shoto National park.