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Fly like a bird as high as 200 meters over a beautiful sea of Okinawa. And see sea turtles in summer and whales in winter for rare occasions. Paragliding is very easy for beginners, especially for kids. It is way cheaper than a helicopter ride. Moreover, an aerial photography in DVD is given as a token for those who booked from Coolokinwa Travel! (Note: The video is not shot during the scheduled activity.)

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English Available
English Available
Plan detail

Qualified Participants

1. Age limit:Age 3 or more
2. Weight limit:14kg - 75kg


11,000 JPY/person : Age 7 or more
9,000 JPY/person : Age 3-6

*Guest must pay by cash on the tour day.


✔︎ Tax
✔︎ Rental equipment fee
✔︎ Insurance

Meeting Time

5 times a day
*Be there 5 minutes before the set starting time.


5-minute Preparation time
10-minute Flying time

Meeting Point

The location depends on the wind condition during the day.
*It takes around 40 to 60 mins by car from Naha City to the meeting place.


Q:Where do you fly?
A:Flying depends on the wind condition during the day. Wind condition is checked in the morning and the flying location will be decided at about 9:00 am.

Q:How do I dress?
A:Dress according to the weather but you can wear what you normally wear at the beach in windy/sandy condition. Women should wear pants, please.

Q:Do I need a bathing suit?
A:Swimwear is unnecessary. You will take off and land from the beach, no water contact.

Q:Is there a weight limit?
A:The weight limit is from 15Kg to 75Kg (30 lbs to 165 lbs).

Q:Is there an age limit?
A:The age limit is above 3 years old.

Q:How much time is required?
A:Flight time is 10 minutes and preparation time is about 5 minutes.

Q:How high do you fly?
A:Up to 200 meters, then glide down silently with the engine off.

Q:Can I carry a Camera during flight?
A:Yes, you can.

Q:Can two people fly at the same time?
A:Yes. Two people will use two gliders piloted by two pilots. Both pilots will launch at the same time or shortly after one another and can fly side by side.

Q:Do you have insurance?
A:We have liability insurance.

Q:Is there any parking?
A:Yes and it's usually free, however, some flying locations will require a small fee.

1. Pregnant women or seriously ill patients are not recommended to participate.
2. The weight limit is from 15Kg to 80Kg.
3. The flying location depends on the wind condition during the scheduled activity. Guests will be informed about the meeting place on the day.
*It takes around 40 to 60 minutes by car from Naha City to the meeting place.
4. It's a first-come-first-serve basis. Flying time is around 10 minutes per person.
5. Participants must fly with an instructor.
*There is a maximum of three people in each aircraft including the pilot.
6. The trip will be canceled if there are heavy rain and strong wind. It will be announced at 09:00 am on the scheduled date.
7. We offer pants for ladies who are wearing a skirt.
8. We offer slippers for ladies who are wearing heels.

Cancellation Policy
☞ Full Charge if:
1. Cancellation is made less than 24-hour notice from trip date.
2. Guest is unable to show up at the designated meeting location and time for any reason.

Meeting point

Please contact us before you come.
Phone:090-7296-3156 or 090-8290-8739
WhatsApp:+8190-7296-3156 or +8190-8290-8739

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