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Carrying a heavy bike while travelling? Worry no more coz Rental Bike is a stress-free solution. Just take simple luggage rent a bike the easiest way possible and enjoy your cycling trip in Okinawa. Whether you are a traveler or a cyclist. We do provide a variety of bike types that suits you best. Feel the nature and discover a lot of hidden attractions of Okinawa at your own pace!

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※No operation on Friday,11/12、11/13、12/30~1/3


1. Cross Bike
  JPY 2,592/Day return Additional days +JPY 1,296/day
2. Road bike (18-speed / 24-speed / Gravel Road Bike)
  JPY 2,916/Day return  Additional days +JPY 1,458/day
3. Aluminum Road bike (22-speed)
  JPY 6,480/Day return  Additional days + JPY 3,240/day
4. Carbon Road bike (20-speed / 22-speed)
  JPY 10,800/Day return Additional days + JPY 5,400/day
※ Example for charging:If you pick up a cross bike at 9 am on Monday and return it at 19:00 on Tuesday, the cost would be JPY3,888. 【JPY 2,592 (Day return) +JPY 1,296 (Additional days)】.
※ We also provide premium road bikes rental,please feel free to contact us.

Package includes

Bicycle rental fees, Rental equipment (Helmet, Light, Wire lock), Liability insurance.
※ When you happen to have caused a traffic accident, please immediately notify the police.
You are required to present a certificate of the accident from the stationed police officer. It may void your eligibility to receive insurance payments without the official accident certification.

Businese Hour

① Maejima No.2 shop - 7:00~20:00
② Haebaru shop - 10:00~19:00
※Please pick up and return rented bikes from 7:00 to 20:00.

・All pedals are the same and ordinary ones, so guests may bring their own pedal for replacement.
・Designated location to return the rented bikes :
 1. Naha City : JPY 3,240 per bike
 2. Middle and sounth area : JPY 4,320 per bike
 3. North area : JPY 8,640 per bike
・For Group Service :
1. Tool Set : JPY 864 per day  Additional days +JPY432/day
 2. Bike tour guide: JPY 43,200 up (Certificate bike tour guide is approved by the Japan Bicycle Association or Okinawa Bicycle Association.)
 3. Supply support vehicle (carrying maximum of 4 bicycles ) : JPY 54,000 up
 4. Bike transfer vehicle (carrying maximum of 20 bicycles): JPY 64,800 up
 5. Customized bike tours and support services are mainly for the group members within 10. Please feel free to contact us to make a quotation of group package of 10 or more members.

Cancellation Policy
Full Charge Condition :
・If guest unable to turn up at designated meeting location and time for any reason.
・If cancellation made less than 48 hour notice from trip date.

Payment Refundable Condition :
・Trip cancellation by Coolokinawa Travel management due to bad weather.
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