Okinawa Main Island South


Note: This marine activity is suitable for those who have a diving license C-card.

◉ Kerama Islands: Japan's national marine park (Must-Visit)
1. Enjoy the crystal clear Kerama water with 20 to 50m visibility on normal sea condition;
2. Kerama is inhabited by the three endangered sea turtles such as loggerhead turtle (Aka umigame), green turtle (Ao umigame), and hawksbill turtle (Taimai); and
3. Kerama is under the government's ecological protection. Aside from various species of sea turtles and fishes, there are more than 2,000 classes of hard and soft corals by which 60% of corals found in Japan is naturally grown in Kerama waters. Thus, no fishing boats are allowed within the vicinity.

◉ Diving Professionals: Certified diving instructors in Kerama are intensively trained by the largest diving group.
1. Provide a thorough explanation of different corals and fishes;
2. Conduct an annual emergency and rescue training; and
3. The fee is a 2-dive package with an optional 3rd dive and its cost can be added on the same day.

◉ Customer Satisfaction: Simply the best!
1. Received Diving Tourism Award for 11 consecutive years from Marine Diving, Japan's professional diving magazine;
2. The largest diving group in Okinawa;
3. PADI 5-star dive center; and
4. Recognized as the water safety store by the Okinawa prefecture government.

◉ Boat Facility
1. Mega double-decked yacht good for 50~60 people;
2. Built-in with 2 bathrooms, changing rooms, and hot showers; and
3. Equipped with the first aid equipment such as AED, first aid kit, oxygen, blood pressure, and blood oxygen measurement.

◉ FREE-of-charge Services
1. Photo download;
2. Lunch;
3. Hot & cold drinks;
4. Towel; and
5. Hotel transfer within Naha city only.

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【2 Fun dives & Snorkeling】Own Equipment : JPY 14,300
*Customer can decide for optional 3rd dive on the day. It is at additional charge JPY 6,000.
*For diver who did not log any dive in past 12 months and diving experience is less than 30 dives. For safety reason, join "Refresher Dive Course" is request.

【Equipment Rental Price】
・Full Scuba (Inculed BCD Jacket, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Snorkel Tube, Bootie, Fin and Dive Computer) : JPY 4,800
・Scuba Equipment - BCD Jacket, Regulator or Wetsuit : JPY 1,000/each item
・Snorkeling Equipment - Mask, Snorkel Tube, Bootie, Fins : JPY 500/each item
・Dive Computer : JPY 1,000
・Underwater Camera (Inculed Camera with underwater housing and include 2GB SD card) : JPY 2,980
・Nitrox Air : JPY 1,500/each tank

Participant Qualifications

1. All diver apply same flying after diving safety practice, minimum is 24 hours resting before flying.
2. Be physically fit. Before making a reservation, please READ carefully our health checklist link below:
Health Check List
*If any of these items apply to you, please email us immediately for proper guidance.

Meeting Time

07:40 AM
*The guest who request transfer service will be informed of the exact time for the pick up the day before the tour. We will send guest a fax message via the hotel front desk and send you an email directly.

Package Inclusion

✔︎ Fun Diving 2 dives
✔︎ Japanese lunch box
✔︎ Drinking water
✔︎ A rental towel for each one
✔︎ Insurance
✔︎ Free parking space
✔︎ Free transfer hotel list

1. This package including fun diving 2 boat dives
 *The diving point may change by sea condition.
 *The option 3rd dive is request on boat only. It is at additional charge JPY 6,000. (Please pay it at shop after trip on the day.)
2. For safety reasons, participants wear a dive computer is requested (Rental at shop is available).
3. Please put your swimsuit on ahead of time or before going to the reception.
4. Bring extra clothes for changing.
5. Wearing high heels is strongly prohibited to avoid unnecessary accidents on the boat. Please use beach slippers instead.
6. For motion sickness, please be advised to eat something an hour before the departure. Better yet, take a seasick pill 30 minutes before the departure.
7. A lunch box for vegetarians is available upon request. Please note it on the booking form.

08:00 – Registration and Equipment check
09:00 – Departure to Kerama Islands
10:00 – 1st & 2nd dive
12:30 – Lunch Break
13:30 – 3rd dive (depend on the sea condition)
15:30 – Departure back to Naha
17:00 – Sending back to Hotel
Cancellation Policy
☞ Cancellation Fee JPY 5,000:
1. If cancellation is made less than 14 days from scheduled date;
2. If the boat captain or instructor suspects an individual's or a group's behavior who may jeopardize other guests and/or the overall safety measures; and
3. If the guest is under the influence of Recreational Drug or Alcohol.

☞ Full Payment Non Refundable Conditions:
1. If cancellation is made less than 24-hour notice from the scheduled trip.
2. If the guest is unable to show up at the designated meeting time and place for any reason.
3. Failure to disclose any existing or past health condition. Please refer to the Health Check List for details.

☞ Refundable Condition:
1. If the trip is canceled by the management due to weather or dangerous sea condition.

Meeting point

Please use this phone number 0988696329 key in the Car Navigation system or use this

MAP CODE 33246627*42

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