Ocean Tower Experience @ Kouri Island Okinawa


Kouri Ocean Tower is a newly opened attraction in Okinawa started in 2013. It offers various things like the following: 1. A collections of 10,000 shells from around the world; 2. A panoramic views of the ocean (East China Sea); 3. An authentic pizza at Ocean Blue Restaurant; and 4. A number of souvenir shops, delicacies (Kouri-pumpkin sweets), and organic cosmetic products (pineapple charcoal facial wash and body soap from Missananas). This lovely place is located at 538 Kouri, Nakijin-son Okinawa, JAPAN. With an entrance fee of 800JPY for adults, surely you’ll enjoy your time touring the tower. It’s a 20-minute drive from Churaumi Aquarium and it opens daily all year-round from 9AM-6PM. Designated discounts are available for young children. Here are some of the photos taken: 12576266_10208369573259863_2024116740_n On the right side of the main entrance is a man-made waterfall that shines brightly when the sun shines. 12596137_10208369573139860_562370630_nA very cozy automated cart drives you up to the tower while you can enjoy taking photos around the vicinity. 12596125_10208369573099859_1260788257_nA round flat-form of shells that are full of love will surely catch your attention upon entering the museum. 12607356_10208369572859853_1345087797_nA round-shape lamp decorated with a number of special shells is lighted up for you to feel comfort. 12584095_10208369572899854_1196455697_nA heart-shape lamp decorated with a number of special shells in a floral concept which reminds you of special someone on your wedding night. 12583952_10208369572979856_1940808535_nAnother heart-shape lamp covered with a number of cut pieces of shells artistically designed in floral concept. These are some of the things that you will be mesmerized in the museum. There are also some items to buy like jewelry and other forms of accessories. 12576347_10208369572819852_1324079959_nNext to a wide glass window is a small one where you can also create a concept for pictorial. Suite your imagination! The links below may help you to reach this fantastic destination: http://www.coolokinawa.com/en/plan/bustour/ http://www.coolokinawa.com/en/plan/rentacar/ Have a great trip ahead! 🙂

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