Advance-Open-Water Experience (AOW)


Can’t get enough underwater? Fine tune your buoyancy as you navigate underwater while learning the safety precautions on how to enjoy deep diving, drift diving, and night diving.

Though mastering your buoyancy perfectly takes time depending on how much time you spend underwater or how many times you go diving, never forget to capture some scenic views as you go along with the training period. Always remember perfect practice makes perfect!

Scuba diving has never been this exciting at night!

This is my hiding place. Though my eyes are wide open, I am sleeping. You see… I am not moving! 😛

Sakura Shrimp aka Coral Banded Shrimp (Stenopus hispisdus) It usually dwells at the bottom and hides near a rock. A shy-type shrimp which likes a peaceful environment.

A baby grouper. Its identity is yet to be identified until it reaches adulthood.

You can never get away from this lovely snail. It looks like it is having a concert. The show must go on!

These are some of the exciting scenes underwater.

Maximize your vacation trip as you upgrading your skills in scuba diving.

Photo Credit:
Hiroko Ono
Our diving instructor

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